Tuesday, August 17, 2004

IronCad Sponsors the Project

I designed the whole project in IronCad so far. I really like the interface.

Looks like we can go ahead with the sponsorship

Keith Rowell Design

Hello Keith,

Looks like we can go ahead with the sponsorship. Our VP of Marketing is asking for "use of the IronCAD model files and images, promotion of the IronCAD name on any website or write ups and placement of IronCAD sticker on machine".

Best regards,
IronCAD -
700 Galleria Parkway Suite 330Atlanta, GA 30339
Toll-free: 800-339-7304
web: http://www.ironcad.com

From: Shaun
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 5:39 PM
To: Kevin
Subject: RE: Knewt walker project


This sponsorship should be fun. Please ask for the following marketing promotional benefits (use of models and images, promotion of IC name on any website or write ups and placement of IC sticker on machine). If they go for this lets do it.

From: Keith Rowell
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 4:15 PM
To: Kevin
FW: Knewt walker project

Thanks Kevin for the the menu advice,
The "TBC" file problem happened only once before to me, many years ago, I'm very gratefull for your help.

We're getting ready to start cutting parts for this robot now. All the motors and batteries and electronics have been aquired and tested. I plan to enter it in the first (American) Robo-One competition, http://www.robo-one.com/ which will probably happen next year. I plan to use it for trade show promotions, other robot events, etc in the coming couple of years. It's completion date is scheduled for next spring.

The following email is my last update to the group that's involved in the build team. I have electronics types, mechanical engineering types and machinists contributing. I've been very lucky on this project in regards to attracting high quality advisors and I think it's mostly because of the "coolness" factor.

I approached you once before about the possibility of sponsorship in return for some some marketing worthy models. I'm hopefull that this project qualifies. Can you pass this message around to anyone who might be able to make that happen? I can offer logo space on the bot, and do some promotion events as well.


Keith Rowell

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