Friday, October 22, 2004

Successful PIC / Servo Tests

Lego test jig for testing leg motors with Servo Mojo (in the foreground)

Our tests with the PIC and the servo Jig were, after a short detour with the wrong baud rate, successful today. ASCII "motion files" were uploaded to the PIC from the PC using RealTerm. And the program was successfully played back from the pic to the ServoMojo with correct servo motion on the Lego Jig. The Lego test fixture is just a crude mock-up that we use for testing... Next week we'll take a movie of the Lego Jig in action, and do a demonstration for the AHRC monthly meeting. Thanks to Bob for the photos... movie here (1.37m).

Stuart serves up more parts

More aluminum parts this week

Keith Rowell Design

Stuart joined the circuits and programming team this week with parts in tow. There are now only 7 unique parts left before complete assembly. Unfortunately, these are the most difficult and "intresting" parts, and hence take longer to make. We projected complete mechanical assembly by January / February. Next week might see the ankle hinge added.

The First Step of Real Assembly

Foot Plate and Bracket Properly Assembled

This image shows the footplate and bracket assembled. This is the first two parts to be more than "fitted" togeather but actually "fastened" with screws. The cutting of the 2D parts being the more simple process, they were rather quickly produced. The final drilling and tapping and
3D parts comming up will take more time. I intend to join the machine class in January to finnish up the assembly. We have parts for at least two complete bots, and assorted parts for a third.

Parts Arrangement
Keith Rowell Design