Friday, December 09, 2005

silver head

Here you can see (or almost see, anyone want to buy a camera?) logo's added to the white head and circuit boards mounted inside the silver head. We've decided to build the second body up as version 2.0 also and work on motion routines in tandem.

I chose silver for the painted head to emulate the finnish on the aluminum. White and black and clear are the most common plastic colors on the body. There is a rainbow of colored plastic wires, other wise the silver on the aluminum is the most prevelant color. What color would you choose for the head?

Does anyone have a suggestion for how I might tint the white head from the inside surface. It would need to be a translucent dye or the like. Perhaps a blue dye added to the plastic welder solution would do the job. I bet art markers would do it. Does anyone have suggestions for a pattern on the head?

Actually this is a perfect time for a critique. I'll get some better photos up soon.

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