Friday, December 09, 2005

head on

It was wierd seeing the head on for the first time. All the screw holes and bosses worked just fine. It's held togeather with #6 selft tapping screws from Austin Electronics. All the holes lined up ok. I had to cut an inconspicuos part off one piece to allow it to fit. There are several improvements I would make on the next pass. The're are ribs in the lower part that didn't print in both cases. But the intresting thing is that they weren't the same ribs in both cases. I reinforced those areas with plastic plates after ward.

Removing the part from it's building plate and extracting it from it's scaffold material is a pretty big deal. I've heard that the DrafTech office has a water soluable scaffold material and you throw it in a bath to seperate the two. Stuart said that part of his head broke just on scraping it off the plate, and again more cracks from trying to remove all the scaffold material. There was still a little of this light gray scaffold material left when I got it home and It was indeed difficult to remove, especially in small crevices and inside screw holes.

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