Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Knewt at Draftech

Knewt at Draftech

I had a good time Friday talking about robotics and CAD. There were about 20 - 25 people who came over to my table and had a good look at Knewt. 90% of those had some comments to make like "very cool" or "pretty neat". About half inspected the mechanism closely and offered a question about it's design. It seemed to break the ice for even the most quiet attendees. I met some old workmates from Nordson coincidentally. We reminisced.

The Lithium batteries died halfway through, but I was able to hook the power supply back up pretty quickly to finish. I really like the poster alot. I'll take it along on my next presentation and show off Draftech along with Knewt. I wish I had gotten a photo when people were milling around but I was busy dealing with the bot. Scott Walker, you would have been the perfect candidate for that task. What was I thinking?

The event was the 4th annual SolidWorld user conference held by DrafTech Systems Inc. in Lawrenceville. The white cabinet to the right of the table is the Dimension STL printer that produced one of Knewt's heads. The printer lays down a .013" bead of ABS plastic, building the prototype part layer by layer. Thanks a million to Barry Smith for the invitaion and the wonderful posters and especially the STL parts.

Barry Smith
DRAFTECH Systems 1730 Spectrum Drive Lawrenceville GA 30043
USAPhone: +1-770-963-8856 Fax: +1-770-963-7056

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