Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Testing the Parallax Servo Controller

viewing signals
Keith Rowell Design

Our previous controller "The ServoMojo" so kindly donated by BDmicro is nice in that it has super smooth "ramping" that slows the motion at the beginning and end and ramps to a higher speed in between, for any particular movement of a servo. Being a beta tester, it's GUI poser program was an "alpha" Linux code program that we never got to work. Writing motions was a slow and tedious task, smooth though they were.

We decided to test out the Parallax Servo Controller because it has a slick GUI poser, is USB, and fairly cheap. There's caveats here as well though. The Parallax program PSCI is vague on many issues and it was necessary to view the signals to decipher what was actually going on.

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