Monday, March 07, 2005

Tap Dancing

tap dancing
Keith Rowell Design

Knewt does a little Gene Kelly impression tonight, showing off his fancy foot work (again, pun intended). I'm slowly getting the hang of using Bob's coding scheme for making motions with Knewt. This sequence shows that standing on one foot is no problem, indicating that walking will be well within the range of the "possible". I was suprised at how stable he is with foot fully exteded and waving about in the air.

The batteries are installed to demonstrate how they will affect the balance and power of the motors to carry the weight. We're going to talk more this week about motion schemes and the the possibility of producing a kit.

We expect to be able to offer a kit for somewhere in the $600 to $1000 range. Please indicate your intrest in a kit by commenting on this blog. We'll use this barometer to guage the intrest and hence the size of the version one production run.

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