Sunday, January 16, 2005

Motor Designations

Motor Designations 5
Keith Rowell Design

I met with Stuart and Bob last thursday and we set some ambitious schedules for the new year.

Bob requested that the motors be designated for callout by the software and this is what the attaced images are showing.

#1 Head Turn
#2 Balance / Weight Shift
#3 Right Leg
#4 Right Foot
#5 Left Leg
#6 Left Foot
#7 Turn / Hip

Stuart has finished the shoulder tail pieces but I have no photos this week. The slip fit hole for the 4/40 screw that goes through this piece was a bit large, and allowed some play. I happend to have the exact right brass tubing and super-glued a short piece into the hole, then tapped it. The brass being softer than the aluminum, deformed nicely as the screw snugged up, making a very tight fit. There is a small ammount of play left in the alignment pins, but I've left them dry for now. I'm sure they will be absolute once the locktite goes on.

There is only the shoulder plate, neckplate, and foot modifications left to make and we've got big plans to do those quickly. I've ordered mylar washers to act as thrust bearings, these should show up this week.

Tuesday, Bob and I are looking into the programming scheme for simultanious, or "parallel" actions that allow multiple motors to work in unison. Bob's scheme loads all possible motions into a single file with headers dilenating single motions like "left foot forward". Then there's an actions file that will call a collection of motions and tell them when to happen.

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