Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bob's Script Code in Action

script tests go well
Keith Rowell Design

Bob has designed an ingenious scheme for defining the walking motions for Knewt. And tonight's test was superb. You can see a movie of the action here: (test movie)

The scheme uses two files. One "motion" file for describing a series or routine of motions that includes motor position, speed, acceleration, and timing (when to act). The second "script" file calls the motion files, running one file many times or several simultaneously. We believe this configuration will do the job and it certainly passed the test tonight.

We can do the "theoretical" motions while making assumptions, but we won't know the actual servo positions and other values until we can test the stuff on the actual robot. You can see a previous mock up movie of the walking motion done on a lego test stand here: (test stand movie)

I ordered washers and standoffs today. There was a technical difficulty the first time ordered (a week ago) so I ordered today over the phone. It must have taken 30 minute's. Anyway, the washers will act as thrust bearings to relieve any rubbing between the aluminum parts at the bearing joints. And the standoffs are a very typical part used in many places.

The pace is really hectic lately, and a hell of alot of fun!

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