Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Knewt 2.0 is walking

Knewt is walking again, and I've converted the movie format to Windows Media Video. The ASF format of previous movies was obscure, this one should be availble to more users.

This is what happens when you reach the end of your teather. We're working hard on removing the teathers entirely. The batteries and controller are the culprits.

See the movie here.


ericzundel said...

Wow! The walking motion looks really good. Is the sliding from left to right intentional? It looks like Knewt just needs some more traction under the foot pads if not.

Oh yeah, I love the surprise ending to this movie.

Keith Rowell said...

You're right Eric, traction pads have been added to reduce the turning. We also continue to modify the motions to get that pesky turning/sliding out.