Thursday, December 02, 2004

Shoulder Plate Progress

shoulder plate progress

Stuart has begun the really complex parts and I was lucky enough to get photos this week. This shoulder blade part is about 2/3 complete. It started out almost 3/4" thick. The steps used to make this part were 3 setups so far. Stuart set the CNC up for a cut from the "end", using that surface to set up the tools. Then he set up again for one side and cut away the bulk. Then, set up on the other side and cut the holes. It's a very big deal to figure out how you're going to hold the part for cutting. And the surface that you use to touch off the tools for setting up the CNC must be perpendicular so that the various setups will be "synchronized" or the part will have misalignments in assembly. It's quite a complex part. These photos are a disappointment but you can see which part it is by comparing to the model.

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Keith Rowell said...

Also, Bob has the second ServoMojo board as of today and we talked about adding a "setup" routine and external memory via a spy port to the existing pic controller...very exciting...