Monday, November 01, 2004

Knewt in IronCAD Gallery

Looks really good guys..... Keith, you really do have too much time
on your hands.


IronCAD posted the Knewt Model on their site this week. Thanks to Kevin Devol and IronCAD for the software upgrade.

Brian Dean of BDMicro also responded this week with a very through explanation of the "extended mode" feature of ServoMojo for getting the full 180deg rotation from the foot motors. The settings are made by setting a minimum and maximum position address for each servo. We'll be testing this feature this week.

Philip FitzSimons (who did a great demo of his 5Amp, 30Volt, servo controller at the AHRC October meeting this week "FADC-01") will be helping us look into making a larger heavier, more powerfull, version of Knewt in the near future. (at which time "Knewt" wont be an appropriate name, perhaps "Knossos") How many lbs. of lumbering metal do you think 250watts will carry?

The ankle hinge is under way. I bought polished steel pins some time back for the purpose. But when I got them out this week, they were pitted with rust. The container I put them in must have had something corrosive in it at some point in the past. I have alot of .092 music wire, and we're going to use that as the ankle hinge pin.

View a movie of the lego test jig in action here.

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