Monday, February 28, 2005

Squat Thrusts

Squat Thrusts! are you kidding? How could anyone turn that down? I'm really amazed at how you can make robots exercise for you? How long till it calls you "beautiful"? But really it's a cool robot. I guess it will be walking soon, then before you know it, a car, college...

my brother Kelvin's response to an invitation to see the bot

Feel the burn.

Bill Hotch

We had a little problem with the ServoMojo losing it's settings on saturday. It worked before the meeting, then when it came time to show off...nothing. Then after the meeting when most everybody had left, bam! (to paraphrase) it snapped back in line and dropped and gave me 50.

We worked over an hour last week stageing a walking sequence when we realized we were breaking the golden rule, "take baby steps" (pun intended). So we backed up a step and went for a "Squat Thrust" movement. This took only 30 minutes or so and we've now tried dozens of motion files based around this motion.

I took it to Stuart's office tonight and we filmed a few routines for the web site. (see the movie)

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